Cultural Animation Workshop

Mining Stakeholders at a Cultural Animation Workshop held on Wed 13th and Thur 14th November, 2019 held at the Vacani Lodge, Voi.

Artisanal and small-scale Gemstone mining

Taita Taveta County is the largest producer of gemstones in Kenya.

Primary Data Elicitation via field visit

Working with the local communities and stakeholders to enhance mining safety

Gemstone mining

Empowering artisanal miners and mining communities to deploy sustainable practices

Welcome To SUST-ASM

The Sustainable Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (Sust-ASM) project is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) to support the development of a more responsible and inclusive gemstone mining in Kenya. The project team is cross-disciplinary with academics from the social sciences, engineering, health and humanities in the UK and Kenya. We draw on the local knowledge, skills and technologies of miners and mining stakeholders (i.e. the national and local governments, mining associations, community based organisations, non-governmental organizations, local communities and religious organisations) to co-create context driven bottom-up solutions that mitigate the impact of ASM activities on the natural environment (SDG13), occupational health and safety (SDG3.9; SDG8.8), and the social inclusion and well-being of miners and local communities (SDG8, SDG3, SDG1).

Project Locations

The main project location for this project is Taita Taveta County. The main researchers are based at Nottingham University, UK. The UK-based researchers are working in collaboration with colleagues at Taita Taveta University

Project Motivation

The key intention of this project is to support the development of responsible and sustainable Artisanal and small-scale Gemstone mining and small-scale mining for social and economic development in Taita Taveta.


The project adopts a bottom-up research methodology, namely, Cultural Animation. This elevates the voice of mining communities and promotes dialogue and cooperation with other stakeholders to co-create a more responsible and inclusive ASM sector in Kenya.


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