Core Project Team

A brief overview of our team.

Judy N. Muthuri
Principal Investigator

Judy Muthuri is an Associate Professor in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Nottingham University Business School... Read More

Mihaela Kelemen

Mihaela Kelemen is Chair in Business and Society at Nottingham University Business School, UK. Her research is underpinned... Read More

Mwakio Mwagandi

Mwakio Mwagandi is a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development in the Department of Economics,... Read More

Paul Crawford

Paul Crawford is Professor of Health Humanities at the School of Health Sciences and Director of the Centre for Social Futures at... Read More

Rachael Hongo
Research Assistant

Rachael Hongo is a Data Enthusiast with over 9 years experience in multidisciplinary mixed method research. She has supported various... Read More

Aditya Jain

Aditya Kailash Jain, MSc MA PhD Head of Division, OB/HRM Associate Professor in Human Resource Management Nottingham University Business... Read More

Arthur Ndegwa

Arthur Ndegwa is the Dean of the School of Mines and Engineering at the Taita Taveta University located at Voi in Kenya. A Mining Engineer... Read More

Bahman Ghiassi

Bahman Ghiassi is an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of The University of Nottingham. Prior to... Read More

Lara Bianchi

Lara Bianchi is an Assistant Professor in Business and Society at the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. Before joining... Read More

Justin Maghanga

Justin Maghanga is the Dean, School of Science and Informatics and Senior Lecturer of Environmental Analytical Chemistry at Taita Taveta University, Kenya... Read More

Sue Moffat

I am the founder Director of New Vic Borderlines, the New Vic’s award winning outreach department responding directly to the needs of the community... Read More