Evidence (M&E) Framework

The monitoring and implementation framework will strengthen the MSDF Secretariat’s capacity for better monitoring and reporting of progress in the ASM sector. This will further bring scrutiny and accountability for equitable and effective implementation of the Action Plan and improve the quality and the outcomes of the MSDF decision-making process.

Engaging a wider pool of stakeholders and development partners in the sustainable change process will leverage more resources, and lead to a negotiated implementation process thus creating a better sense of ownership and responsibility towards specific actions and interventions.

The framework promotes a comprehensive, location-specific self-reporting approach with a concise set of well-defined indicators to be used by key stakeholders. Built into the framework is quality assurance, as well as a defined method to use information from sustainability reports to inform decisions. The framework incorporates health and wellbeing, and socio-economic aspects via initiatives such as community engaged research, economic valuations, and community-initiated environmental monitoring against the following theory of change: