First Multi-stakeholder Dialogue

The Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Forum (MSDF) on Sustainable Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) in Taita Taveta County, a first of its kind in the County, was launched on the 2nd October 2020 at the Vacani Resort in Voi. The MSDF's goal is to foster collaboration and partnerships among gemstone mining stakeholders to co-create a more accountable, inclusive and responsible gemstone ASM Sub-sector in Taita Taveta County.
The mining industry is one of the major economic activities offering employment and income to residents in the gemstone-rich areas of Taita Taveta County. Yet it is characterized by lack of accountability resulting into mistrust; poor resource governance; lack of collaboration among key stakeholders; limited resources; human-wildlife conflict; poor infrastructure; health and wellbeing issues; lack of skills and knowledge on mining techniques, market and financial literacy, value addition among other challenges.
Thirty-five (35) representatives of key mining stakeholders came together to discuss the research findings from data gathered during the Cultural Animations workshops and interviews conducted between November 2019 to March 2020, and deliberate strategies to address the aforementioned sustainability challenges the sector faced.

First Multi-stakeholder Dialogue

The representatives in attendance included;

  • National Government:- State Department for Mining Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Voi Gemstone and Value Addition Centre, Kenya Wildlife Service, and National Environment Management Authority.
  • Taita Taveta County Government:- the County Executive Committee (CEC) Mining, and the County Mining Engineer.
  • Political Leaders:- Senator and Members of Parliament.
  • Non-Governmental Organisation:- ‘Sauti ya Wanawake’ (Voice of Women) and Women Land Rights.
  • ASM miners and Mining entrepreneurs.
  • Mining Business Associations:- Taita Taveta Artisanal Miners Association, Taita Taveta Gemstone Dealers SACCO Ltd, Kenya Chamber of Mines, and Community Based Organizations.
  • Academic Institutions:- University of Nottingham (UK) and Taita Taveta University (Kenya).

Key Meeting Outcomes:

  • The establishment and endorsement of the Taita Taveta MSDF.
  • Setting up of the MSDF Secretariat.
  • Nomination of 7 representatives of mining stakeholders in Taita Taveta to constitute the Secretariat. These are institutional representations from
  • Academia (i.e. Taita Taveta University, University of Nottingham)
  • National Government
  • County Government (including County Mining Inspectorate)
  • Miners Associations
  • Mining Business Associations
  • Civil Society Organization (including vulnerable groups)
  • Identification and discussion of key mining issues for inclusion in the County Sustainable Mining Action Plan.

Functions of the Taita Taveta Mining Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Forum

  • Exchange ideas and best practices towards a more inclusive and responsible ASM Sub-sector.
  • Build bridges among miners, mining communities and relevant mining stakeholders.
  • Promote a more symbiotic relationship among all mining stakeholders in Taita Taveta County.
  • Create an environment for permanent dialogue and collaboration.
  • Act as a decision-making body and reach decisions by consensus.
  • Co-produce a County Sustainable Mining Action Plan / Blueprint for the ASM Sub-sector in Taita Taveta.

The MSDF Secretariat will

  • Convene the MSDF including proposing meetings’ agendas and facilitate meetings.
  • Steer the MSDF in the co-design of forum rules and procedures.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of information generated from the MSDF to artisanal miners and all mining stakeholders.
  • Steer the development of a County Sustainable Mining Action Plan / Blueprint that aims at embedding sustainability in the ASM sector.
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of County Sustainable Mining Action Plan / Blueprint.
  • Endeavour to act as a resource centre for ASMs.
  • Act as the MSDF’s public face.
  • Establish a conflict resolution and mediation process.
  • Conduct or commission research in support of the operation of the Forum.